Battle to save a small village community

Battle to save a small village community

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Project Description

                                            Battle to save a small village community

Nebitshe is a small village community in Africa, located in the southern part of Nigeria.
History has it that farmers settled in Nebitshe community during the late 19th century
because of its favorable climatic conditions that favoured natural growth of oil palms. For
several decades, the community survived on farming and was greatly envied for its
booming oil palm business. However, the discovery of crude oil has reversed gains of many
years in agriculture in this community.
On my recent visit, it was shocking to find that the once-thriving oil palm community is
losing its grip on its fertile land, rivers, and thriving agriculture despite cessation of oil
exploration since 2008. Nebitshe is still a story of a community struggling to survive crude
oil spillage, polluted land and rivers, unemployment, loss of oil palms and lack of access to
portable drinking water. This moved me to start this campaign to help this community in
the best way possible so that women, children and farmers can continue to live and sustain
the existence of this beautiful community.
My goal is to deliberately stir development in Nebitshe by taking the following steps:

1. Clean up of farmland and rivers.
Thermal resorption, chemical extraction, soil washing, and vocalization will be
economically feasible and sufficient. The villagers will be trained and employed in
this process, which gives them opportunity to be gainfully employed while working
to improve their own land.
2. Access to portable drinking water
The community has long depended on Nebitshe river for drinking, farming, and
cooking. It is more desirable to drill a community borehole to provide cleaner water for drinking in the community. After the cleanup, the cleaned Nebitshe River can be
used for farming purposes.
3. Set up mills for automatic processing of existing oil palm fruits.
A small – medium scale plant with high extraction efficiency will be set up to process
fruits from existing oil palms as well as the ones to be cultivated in future. The youth
in the village will be trained and employed to operate the plant which will process
up to 4,000 – 6,000 kg/h of palm fruit at maximum capacity. Yearly, an estimated
0.8 – 1.2 million liters of oil will be produced from Nebitshe.
4. Plant hybrid oil palm trees
Five hectares of fertile land will be bought/rented to introduce new breeds of oil
palm seeds into the community. Young farmers in the community will be trained on
appropriate nursery and cultivation of these seeds to yield at least 13,000 kilograms
of palm kernel oil per hectare of land per year. Subsequently, the farmers in the
community will be able to sustain the knowledge and keep it going.
5. Launch Nebitshe oil back to market
After bringing back oil palm farming back to the community, the farmers will be
assisted with logistics to launch Nebitshe oil palm products to the oil markets in the
country. The farmers will also be educated on how to reduce wastage and pollution
by fully utilizing the by-products. Farmers will be taught how to cut fruit bunches
into smaller pieces to be used as a mulch for the palm trees, press the nuts to yield
palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake (PKC) for animal feeds, compact fiber residues
of the fruits into cakes for cooking.
Please support this campaign to improve the welfare, revive the economy, and secure the
future of young children, women and elderly people in Nebitshe community. Be a living
1. A “Cleaned By You” inscription on areas cleaned of oil spillage.
2. A “Planted By You” ” inscription on oil palm trees in your name.
3. Sponsors to be published on our website launching at a later date.



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