Government Expenses Transparency Crawler/Website

Keeping the federal government MPs in line with their travel and hospitality expenditures

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Project Description

They seem to think they have a blank cheque for travel and hospitality expenses up in the parliament of Ottawa. This site shows you what each MP and department wrote on that cheque. They were supposedly “proactively disclosing” their expense data, but it was spread across hundreds of thousands of sites before I came along and aggregated the data by painstakingly creating software to download all of the data into a database and a website to generate reports based on that data.

I did it all by myself at my own expense, and then I was nearly killed, attempted murder as far as I can tell, but rather than get justice, I got FRAMED for a car crash I know nothing about because I was poisoned and unconscious the entire time from 4:20 pm that day until the crash at 8:50pm. During the brutally unfair, and dare I say diversiphobic court proceedings.

I was not even allowed to have a lawyer despite my having spent all my life’s resources on this government accountability project to help make sure that public funds are available for necessary social services, like Legal Aid as an example, which I was denied, despite there now being two professional opinions documented by a psychiatrist and a psychologist stating it is absolutely imperative that I have counsel to support and represent me due to my autism spectrum communication disability.

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