help me make a bathroom and a new house!


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Project Description

Hello everyone. My name is Marija and I come from Croatia. I am here to raise money to build a new house, for my family.
My mother lost her job, and my father is a military invalid. The house is 65 years old, has 3 rooms – kitchen, one room (where mom, dad, and two sisters sleep) and a pantry. We don’t have a bathroom or water and we have to go to the toilet. My heart aches when my sister (9 years old) says: I would like to have my own room and invite my friends for juice. We had the money in 2008, we called an architect who estimated that the house needed 150,000.00 kn, but my brother soon got cancer and we spent it on treatment.
If 15 thousand people would give 10 kn, we have a new house. I would make money
wanted to collect by the end of February to start work in March. I cry every time because I can’t bring a friend, a boyfriend to me because I’m ashamed. If you can help, thank you!
I need 150,000.00 kn, what would be (not sure) 24,432 USD

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