Ray-Cliner Beack Soft Blanket 1/2″ Foam Padded Portable Unit 7’L x 4′ W Folds into 1 Carry Unit in Nylon Tied Bag

This Amazing Blanket is made of Ottertex Water Proof Polyester soft and very durable top and bottom shell with 1/2" Padding

Michael Babies, Kids & Family March 10, 2020 at 2:05 pm
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Project Description

As an avid Beach Goes for 30 years I aways thought to yself these 6 foot beach blankets get wet and sandy and was tired of the dirt in my Cars every Summer then having to Wash the Towel when I got hoe from the Beach every weekend. I Solved the Problem and it’s quite an Amazing Blanket I call it because it is versatile and uch larger than your average $15.00 Beach Towel which gets worn and lasts 2 years. This Product and Beach Blanket is Custom made out of an Ottertex Polysester Material Shell Top and Bottom and is 100 Percent Water Proof and VERY Strong and Durable..it will last forever. Inside the Shell is a medium soft Foam Pad in all 24 Panels -each Panel measures 14″ W x 9 ” H and has a 2″ Gap of Hinge between every Panel so it Folds up Very easily and then gets placed inside a 22″ x 28″ Tie -String Bag to carry it wherever you want to go.

It is NOT only for the Beach because it is 7 Feet Long and 4′ Wide so there plenty of roo for 2 or 3 small children to play on in your yard, take on a picnic use it inside a Tent to take Camping. Use in to drape over your Lounge Chair by your Pool at your Home or Condo Complex..it is Light Weight and Portable and is stored inside a Colored Nylon Bag with a Rope Tie Draw String to Carry it wherever you want.

I need the Funding for Inventory and a small Warehouse 3,000 Square Feet and Office Equipment Printers and to hire a few Part time workers to help with the Packaging and Shipping. I am having these made here in the USA to ensure it is Quality made to my specs ..the Foa is being bought through New England Foa in CT and the Manufacturing is all being Mass Produced by a Copany here in MA called Delaware Valley Corporation which can handle Orders of 5,000 Units a Day once I get going and these start FLYING OFF THE SHELVES in Target , Bed Bath Beyond, QVC , Costco , REI , Dicks Sporting Goods, Ebay , Shopify, Walmart.com and Amazon. Initially I a going to buy $1,000 Facebook Ads in Major Cities such a Long Island NY , Jersey Shore, Philadelphi , D.c, Maryland Coast VA Beach, Myrtle Beach NC Coastal , Tampa FL , Jacksonville FL all drivben to y website www.raycliner.com. These Blankets coe in 4 Colors…Rose Pink, Lavendar , Crystal Blue and Teal Green and they get Shipped within 10 days after Campaign ends just after June 1st 2020. Please Buy 1 or 3 at 75.00 which includes FREE SHIPPING this is a GREAT DONATION AND REWARD you will receive. These Blankets are going to Retail for $64.95 and to get a Quality made Water Proof Blanket this Size is a Bargain, I plan on Selling 500,000 Units in 2020 Alone and 3,000,000 per year forever..once people tell their friends where they got it and how to buy one these will FLY..there are Beaches in Canada , Italy, Greece Portugal , Brazil , Mexico and the BIG Country with the Best Beaches is Australia where I will sell millions alone. I have Patents secured in almost all Global Countries and all Profits keep getting Re-Invested into Inventory week after week until I have a 20,000 Square Foot Warehouse with 500,000 Blankets in 6 months to keep Shipping all over the World. I also Plan on Licensing these Blankets to all Major Hotels for $2,000 a Blanket per year..the Resort Hotels can Rent these for $15.00 a Day and there is NO CLEANING..JUST SPRAY WITH HOSE OR DUNK UNDER THE OCEAN WATER..SHAKE OFF THE WATER AND FOLD UP..PUT IT IN THE BAG AND NO MORE SAND IN YOUR CAR /SUV/TRUCK..IT SOLVES A PROBLEM..NO MORE CHEAP BLANKETS ALL YOU NEED IS THIS AND YOU ARE ALL SET FOR YEARS..IT’S QUALITY AND VALUE WITH VERSATILYT WHICH IS WHY I AM MOVING FORWARD FAST TO GET FUNDING..75.00 WITH FREE SHIPPIN PLEASE HELP E GET THIS COMPANY GOING AND YOU WILL SOON GET 1 GREAT PRODUCT AND BE VERY PLEASED.

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