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We want to travel to as many places as we can while we have the chance, we met unusually either one of us was looking for a relationship. When we met we liked each other and things changed. we post a live 1 hour video everyday to say thank you and show you guys what we are up.

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Project Description

Two new lovers adventures

15 February 2022


Hello fellow donators

I would love to ask you all for help to donate to my new adventures please, you can also join our adventure for 1 hour a day. We will record live videos of where we have been, what we have been up to and most important our indescribable steamy sex sessions. Normally people ask for sad reasons but I want to ask for a happy reason and include you guys in our fun adventure.


I have had a horrible couple of years picking the wrong man and my life quickly went bad. I was a young mum but i was single for 9 years with two young children when I left a domestic violence relationship into a woman’s refuge then into a new home in a completely new town miles away from all my friends and family. I went to work 42hrs a week, did NVQS at work, medication training, dementia training course to learn how it feels to have dementia and have a better understanding how to look after my clients better who suffer with the horrible disease.

I love my job but it only just pays your bills definitely could not afford this adventure without your kind help people. I want to live a little have a bit of fun in life while I am young enough to do so. My daughter is at a live in college doing great proud mum but time for me to have some fun, I have now met my match we have a fantastic relationship either one of us was looking for this or expecting us to fall in love. We are both very sexual people who love experiencing new positions and new was to pleasure one another. We both have experience and are fantastic at what we do we have some unbelievable sex every time is great always better each time, I love sex and have had great sex but this is something else, you will see for yourself anyway if you want to as we said we will give you 1 hour of the best bits of the day so you can see what your money got spent on. Just a way of us saying thank you for your kind denotations helping our dream come true.

We thank anyone who donates to our adventure and our steamy blow your mind sex sessions.


Don’t forget to log into the best steamy sex session you will have ever seen, trust me this is a serious turn on  and it’s real porn. Plus we are sharing our skills you might even learn a thing or too, to try with your lover….

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