Under The Yellow Umbrella

It's a short film I am planning to do which it is something really different.

Shamini Creative Arts August 15, 2019 at 4:40 pm
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Project Description

I am raising money for my short film, this short film I am planning to do this could help to go to university that I want to go also not only can benefit me,  it also benefits my friends who are going to work with me with this project it could give the dream career that I want and my friends.  This short film project I had that idea for a very long time I always talk about it to my friends so I did the script I wrote the story even planning to direct it but we have one problem. We need money for the project to form a bigger team to these films.  This could help me and my friends for our future and how soon l need the money by next year during next summer I am planning to do the filming so I want to be ready for next summer.  I will be so grateful when I got the money also this doesn’t only benefit me, it will also my friends and team that I will create. Thank You for reading this and support me in the future.
The Synopsis: In this story, a man wakes seeing everything black and white with amnesia, like the whole world became a lonely place for him, but in his dream he has he sees a woman with a yellow umbrella, but he doesn’t know who that woman is, soon he sees in her in real life on a rainy evening just with her yellow umbrella. this project I have planned this story to be set in the 80s or the 90s because these stories can able to exist in those times, The location in the film it’s complicated as well like for example the first scene of the film it will be accident scene in middle of the road to hospital, houses, library, restaurant and flower shop once you read it you probably enjoy it.

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