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Super Typhoon Goni Rolly explodes into 2020’s strongest storm on Earth, moves toward Philippines

The storm in the western Pacific saw its peak winds increase 80 mph in 24 hours, to over 175 mph In just a day’s time, Super Typhoon Goni transformed from an ordinary Pacific cyclone into the year’s most intense storm on the planet. The typhoon is on a beeline for the Philippines, where it is expected to roar ashore Sunday.read more

Cyclone Ursula Christmas Warning Davao Philippines

Relief for Victims of Typhoon Ursula in the Philippines

On Christmas Day, Typhoon Ursula (international name: Phanfone) struck the Philippines barreling across Samar, Iloilo, Kalibo, Boracay, Antique, and Oriental Mindoro leaving a trail of major destruction, severe damages, homeless families, and rising death tolls. Many trees and utility posts have fallen resulting in a limited supply of power, communication, fuel, food, and other basic needs.

We would like to ease the burden and bring hope to the affected families of the recent Typhoon Ursula as the New Year rolls in.

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Some of the things people need are:
> Water, blankets, candles, batteries
> Baby supplies such as formula, food, and medicines
> First aid supplies and ready-to-eat meals
> Forestry & construction materials to clear off debris and temporary shelters.

We appreciate any help that can be given. We appreciate also your thoughts and prayers.

Relief for Victims of Typhoon Ursula in the Philippines

Issued at 08:00 pm, 23 December 2019
(Valid for broadcast until the next bulletin to be issued at 11:00 pm today.)


On December 23 2019, Typhoon Ursula, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Ursula, is set to become one of the largest tropical storm/cyclone to make landfall in 2019 in Philippines.

While winds are not estimated to be as high as almost 200 mph (in the case of Yolanda), the devastation caused by the storm could leave an estimated 10,000 people injured and thousands homeless, without access to food, electricity, clean water, or safe infrastructure.

Now is the time to help, when need is critical and awareness is highest.

We are an organization of individuals raising funds to directly aid Filipinos in the communities most affected by this tragedy.


Maximum sustained winds of 75 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 90 kph

Location of Eye/center

At 7:00 PM today, the center of Tropical Storm “URSULA” was estimated based on all available data at 625 km East of Surigao City, Surigao del Norte (10.1 °N, 131.2 °E )

Tropical Cyclone Wind Signal no.

We will divide the total amount of donations into 3 equal parts:

1) Luzon
2) Visayas
3) Mindanao

We will work with local charities such as Lions Club International and other Foundations in the affected area(s). As for the other places, we will work directly with volunteers we know personally who will be out there doing groundwork– they will re-pack and distribute rice and food to as many families in those towns.

All distribution of foods/items will also be documented via photos/videos. There is no pressure or minimum – any help is welcome and we would be incredibly grateful for your support.

This will be an ongoing process so we will continue this gofundme page even when we surpass our goal.

Credit(s) / Notes:
Severe Weather Bulletin #4
(i) http://bagong.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/tropical-cyclone/severe-weather-bulletin/2
(ii) We are not associated or affiliated in any way with PAGASA. We are an organization of individuals raising funds to directly aid Filipinos in the communities most affected by this tragedy.
(iii) image credit to PAGASA.