About Us

The “I did it” Website Community Platform & Charity Project

Be a part of history! Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference?  You turn on the news or see someone in your daily life and you think… I can make a difference; I can do something about this.  It doesn’t always take money to fix a problem or situation sometimes helping and being part of the solution means lifting groceries from a cart into a trunk of a car while a mom holds her child.  Sometimes it is simply holding a door open for someone. One person, one act, one “I did it” at a time can make a difference!

The “I did it” portal will bring resources and recipients together using a proprietary online Portal/Website (“Platform“) where people can register and create their “need” which in turn will be matched/connected within the community of members.

The “I did it” Platform is the “go to place for anyone offering resources to join the Membership and in turn, donate those resources. “I did it” is also for those that need resources to join and post their needs.

The “I did it” Platform will foster the exchange of expertise and information amongst members using any and all means to spread the message of “I did it”.

The “I did it” Initiative – is about adding your “I did it” to the Community we call the “I did it” Platform. We all want to pay it forward and help others, the “I did it” Community is just that place – people can join together and have their single voice and ideas combined with others to be a larger voice in order to make a larger difference.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
—Ryunosuke Satoro

The IDIDIT Foundation is a Not for Profit Charity with a purpose to inspire a ripple effect of positivity, giving and change across the entire globe starting with this one simple “I did it” posting to the Platform.

By leveraging the “I did it” Platform of technology with a personal connection, the “I did it” initiative was created as a measurable and trackable “pay it forward” program using a physical “I did it” video, picture or write up and the posting of that to/on the “I did it” Platform with the intention of carrying out three purposes.

  1. Repeating and spreading of your positive act, affirmation, video and message (make it viral)
  2. Being and participating in a contagious and viral selfless spirit of giving
  3. Raising both awareness, exposure, resources and funding for your cause or organization if needed

Individual “I did it” campaigns can be tracked and measured live on the “I did it” Platform. Watch as your “I did it” goes viral.

Have you reached a milestone and would like to say “I did it”? Well using the “I did it” Platform now you can too!

A common example… While waiting in line, did you treat a stranger behind you to their coffee by paying for it so they received a “pay it forward” benefit and now they can do the same and say “I did it”! Making a change, one positive “I did it” at a time.

Use the “I did it” Platform to tell the community what you did and Challenge others to do the same.

  1. Create an “I did it” account (FREE) using the “I did it” Platform. Upload your Video, Picture or experience. Provide a story stating why you want to pay it forward. Your story can be a simple and fun one liner or a more serious and heartfelt message, such as, in loving memory, promoting a cause near to your heart, your own personal experience, etc.
  2. Pay it forward. Share your “I did it” with the world using social media, text, conversation or your own unique and creative means of spreading the “I did it” initiative.
  3. You can even raise funds for someone and awareness for your cause (this is optional). Funds are accepted via the “I did it” Platform and tracked with your unique “I did it” ID.
  4. Everyone can track and measure the impact of your “I did it”. The number of likes and shares and views are all measure as they apply. Track your “I did it” awareness campaign using your computer or on mobile device.

The “I did it” Challenge. Challenge your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours and more to say “I did it” and post their Video, Picture and/or message to the Portal what they did. It doesn’t stop there…


…Where you can DISCOVER people, projects, and stories making a big “I did it” difference.

…Where you can ORGANIZE ideas, talent and the resources needed to create stronger, more vibrant and engaged social groups and communities for the “I did it” Initiative.

…Where you can COLLABORATE on ways to use technologies and the solutions needed to make our world a better place spreading the “I did it” Initiative.

The “BETA” launch was December 2015 with the “Official” launch date set for September 2016

Add your name to the “I did it” list of aiding and supporting others to make the world a better place.  Add your name, become a member and share your story, picture or video about why you want to help make the world a better place or what action you took to make it better.

The funds raised are to aid in financing and development of.

  1. Continued website Development – build out and maintenance of the “I did it” membership portal and community.
    2. Communications – hosting, server, email service, telephone
    3. Office & Warehouse Space – to administer process and manage donated resources
    4. Transportation – to meet and identify resource providers.
    5. Establishment and Maintenance of a National Charity

In addition to monetary donations on this page you can help in these other ways…

The most desired response is participation, conversation, and engagement, Likes, Followers and Shares.

  1. Become a member
    2. Donate resources like, goods, products and services
    3. Volunteer your time to spread the “I did it” Platform, initiative and concept

Start NOW….,
be the Action, Make a difference
say “I did it”!