How IDIDIT Works

IDIDIT is the Premier solution matching Resources with Recipients. Perfect for individuals, groups & organizations!

The IDIDIT Foundation seeks to provide a solution where Resources and Recipients can come together. The IDIDIT Platform is a powerful solution that allows users to create your own #IDIDIT on the #IDIDIT site. It just take a few simple steps.

Create an IDIDIT Campaign.

Raise funds for your project and collaborate with people who share your vision.

  1. Registers on  We make it extremely easy to launch your campaign, approvals are made within 24 hrs before going live.
  2. Click the tab called ‘My IDIDIT’ on your dashboard and create a new IDIDIT  Campaign. Write and Create your Campaign. Add pictures and Video to enhance it.
  3. Once you’ve submitted your IDIDIT project, it will need to be approved by an IDIDIT admin. Once approved, users can start sharing the link and raising funds.
  4. It’s a simple 4 step process for users to be able to raising money for their genius IDIDIT idea or fund-raising project. What your specific IDIDIT focuses on is limited only by your imagination and is up to you!
  5. Use our built-in sharing tools to share your campaign with others instantly.
  6. If your campaign includes perks be sure to deliver on your promises.
  7. Showing your appreciation will be sure to keep your supporters around.
  8. Celebrate.. You did it! Now bask in your accomplishment and say IDIDIT!

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