Our Mission

IDIDIT Foundation was founded in 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with a simple idea: a state of the art and easy to use platform “Connecting Resources with Recipients!” in a safe place they can be matched. We provide a FREE to use platform for both Recipients and Resource providers to collaborate and communicate.

IDIDIT provides Recipients the power to locate and fundraise with no out of pocket or upfront costs. Any costs (transactional & processing fees) are deducted from any funds raised with no minimum fund raising requirements or thresholds to be met.

Donors can donate Resources to bring their ideas to life. The IDIDIT platform is available to all including inventors, musicians, storytellers, and activists pushed the boundaries of our original vision. If you have a product, idea, mission, cause, film, or education requirement we encourage you to register for FREE on www.IDIDIT.us today!

Inspired by the seemingly boundless creative spirit of our users, we challenged ourselves to do more—to create a place for the people and organizations that are improving the world every day through good causes, both small and large, personal and global.

The IDIDIT Platform is a community for showing and sharing compassion through socially conscious fundraising. IDIDIT helps cancer patients with bills and students with tuition. IDIDIT boosts humanitarian efforts into new countries and helps nonprofits move quickly with their causes. IDIDIT fills the gap at the end of a tough month and supports the village after the storm. IDIDIT is human goodness on a grand scale.

Our mission is simple: make it as easy as possible for anyone to champion a personal or social cause, whether it’s around the corner or across the globe.

Start your campaign today and say IDIDIT!

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