Local online libraries by #TagCoders

Promoting the use of structured hashtags for easy sharing and retrieving of online content with local or topical relevance such that it merges with online libraries created by others

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Project Description

First consider that content tagged with structured hashtags can be easily found and retrieved via search engines, across languages.

If shared via Twitter, the content can also be shown in Twitter timelines that can be embedded in websites and blogs.

Some of the endless possibilities are illustrated by short videos at the Wikinetix website.

When sharing, which hashtags to use?

Structured hashtags have been defined for a huge number of topics and several tools support the quick and easy discovery of the tag for a specific topic in a specific place:

One step” tools include these mobile friendly wiki pages:

Your first #TagAThon

For the moment there are over twenty thousand tagged pages and tweets.

The topical content that is retrievable via these pages and tweets will fill more room than what’s available in print from an average libary.

It is already far beyond what anyone will keep in a personal library.

Yet it is only a tiny fraction of what is needed for locally relevant libraries in the common languages of the world.

For these languages Wikipedia gaps were evaluated a few years ago.

To grow the tagged online content, a #TagAThon is a suitable initiative.

If you can’t contribute financially to this campaign, you can contribute by calling your friends and doing a #TagAThon.

Be a #TagCoder!

Let us know your Twitter handle and we create a #TagCoder page embedding your Twitter profile.

Let us know about your #TagAThon, its common hashtag, the location code (#WWlgu tag), the preferred language of its content, and we create the corresponding page with link at the pivot page of the language and the corresponding local government unit (#lgu) page.

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