S.E.I.D. disability needs help to be with soulmate

S.E.I.D. disability needs help to be with soulmate

Pier Hopes & Wishes September 12, 2020 at 5:47 am
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Project Description

Being over 7 yeas alone without any social contact is really hard. That’s why I ask you all to help me marry my soulmate, Elly. I have S.E.I.D. since 2008 , my ex girlfriend left me in 2013 due to my disease after we almost finished to pay debts due to the loss of the usual income, at 2 it was easier but still had to continue to pay it alone so couldn’t do any savings, even sold my car to be able to buy food and bought a 17 years old car and then since 2015 was years long fighting to get my disability pension that I finally got after 4 years on June last year but with already deep financial issues that I stopped searching for someone at the end of 2019 but this year found my soulmate unexpected, unfortunately we can’t marry because of deep financial situation, she’s from the Philippines so I need some budget, and living alone because I don’t have any family here it will take easily 10 years to get out of it.
I have only about 100$ for the whole September and at least -2000$ on my bank account then all cards blocked, need to get out of it and get enough budget to go marry her so that we can live together because I need a minimum every month so that the administration gives the approval to let her get the visa to join me.
I need  10k for the wedding and everything that is necessary to marry beginning of 2021, get directly out of my bank account situation to start then everything like all the paperwork of both, translation and legalization of my requirements, flight tickets, her flight ticket to join me and other needs that are necessary for the wedding and after wedding, it’s a completely different weather here so a minimum of new clothes and shoes is necessary then the remaining to get partially out of deep financial issues so that I can at least breath again even that there’s still debts to pay but the necessary is enough for me, I’m not into “pay all my debts to go marry” as I had once from a judgmental person. I will still have debts but if I get the necessary then the remaining I can make it alone in the next 4, 5 years.
A little amount will be more than enough, 10$ to 50$, it’s the quantity of donations that do the difference, the more donators of little amounts, the easier I reach the needed goal.
Everything over my goal will go to a non-profit organization called Philippines-Luxemburg Society that helps people in the Philippines in crisis situation and not only, they do study support to several students to get a good graduation.
Thank you all for your generosity. I will be eternally grateful for helping me.

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